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We beat any quote on in-ground or on-ground pool installations by 15% or more!

Professional Pool Installation

We install above ground, on-ground and in-ground pools throughout Eastern Ontario. We can finish it all with just one call- there’s no need to worry about connecting with a separate plumber, electrician or gas technician to finish your installation.

2024 Pool Installations

All prices include excavation, sand and patio stones for pool pump and filter. We do not supply water. Commercial pool install quotes available.

We will beat any quote on in-ground or on-ground pools by 15% or more!

Round Above-Ground Pool Installation

Just add water price list:
15′- $1100 +tax
18′- $1300 +tax
21′- $1500 +tax
24′- $1800 +tax
27′- $2100 +tax
Cash discounts available with site inspection

Oval Above-Ground Pool Installation

Just add water price list:
12×24- $2500 +tax
15×30- $3000 +tax
16×32- $3200 +tax
18×33- $3700 +tax
Cash discounts available with site inspection

We also install used pools! Call for a site inspection and price.

pool installation
What To Expect
  1. Contact us to get a free quote.
    We will meet with you, discuss what you’re looking for, inspect the proposed site and give you our professional advice.
  2. Schedule an installation appointment.
    Once you approve of the installation plans, we will order what is needed and set a time to install your new pool. 
  3. Inventory and Assessment
    We will show up for your appointment promptly, since we like to be on time, and customers expect it! When we arrive we will perform a quick inventory of the pool supplies and mark out the area to be excavated.
  4. Levelling and Frames
    We begin your pool construction, ensuring everything is level and all measurements are accurate. If we’re installing an above ground or on-ground pool, we then set up the shell of the pool and place levelled sand inside to ensure a soft, flat bottom under the liner. If we’re installing an in-ground pool, we form and pour your concrete and leave it to set.
  5. Lining the Pool
    We affix the liner to the pool wall and secure the top rail. We then remove all wrinkles from the pool floor and walls, and proceed to add the first load of water, while ensuring a perfect fit for the liner.
  6. Pump Installation
    We install the pump, filter, salt system, chlorinator or any other accessories whe have been contracted to add.
  7. Clean up and Crash Course
    We clean up our tools, make the area safe and then give the owner a crash course in operating and maintaining the new swimming pool.
  8. Finishing Off
    The homeowner is responsible for having the pool filled and attaching their pool ladders. Due to insurance regulations we cannot install or build pool ladders or steps.


What’s needed from you
For customers having us build your above ground pool, there are a few things that are required in order for our crew to complete the job.

Prior to our arrival:

  1. All pool components and accessories should be delivered and on-site at the time of your appointment.
  2. We need electricity for a very short time. Access to a typical electrical outlet for approximately 15 minutes, is all that is needed.

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What would you like a quote for? *Above or on-ground pools

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require deposits on your pool installations?

We don’t require money up-front. You pay us when you’re happy!

How long does it take to install a pool?

On installation day, the typical timeline for a complete pool installation is 3 to 8 hours. Time varies depending on pool size, model and location conditions. The average pool takes approximately 8 to 20 hours to fill with a regular garden hose, or quicker with a water delivery service. Once it’s full it’s time to swim!

How much does a pool cost to install?

The type of pool you’re having installed greatly impacts the price. Our above ground installations start at $2500 plus water. Prices also vary for pools with decking, and if yards are in need of additional grading, as this excavation and levelling is time consuming.

Can I finance my pool installation?

We do not offer financing options for our work.

Should I purchase a used pool?

Although similarly priced, used pools usually cost a little more to install because they are typically in less than pristine condition. This means parts are often bent, missing or damaged and require additional time and effort to make work.

Do I need a permit for pool installation?

Our customers are required to do their due diligence regarding permits for pool installations. This is not something that we handle, as each municipality has their own regulations.

Here are a few municipality regulations pages to get you started:

Bancroft Swimming Pool Installation

Belleville Swimming Pool Installation

Cobourg Swimming Pool Installation

Deseronto Swimming Pool Installation

Gananoque Swimming Pool Installation

Kingston Swimming Pool Installation

Napanee Swimming Pool Installation

Peterborough Swimming Pool Installation

Quinte West Swimming Pool Installation

Smith Falls Swimming Pool Installation

How do I know where I can put a pool?

When we consult with you we will discuss any underground infrastructure, including septic systems and utility lines. The underground infrastructure needs to be taken into account when deciding on your pool’s location, as we do not want the pool to interfere with them. Pool installations often require excavation, and when filled with water some pools can weigh over 100,000 pounds.

What types of pools do you offer?

We install above ground, on-ground and in-ground pools. Some areas, like Kingston, are very rocky, so on-ground and above-ground pools are more popular.

Above ground: Placed solely on top of the ground

On-ground: Pool which can be partly buried, and has sand bottom. Often made of steel. Max depth is 5’ 6”.

In-ground: Pool which is fully buried and has cement bottom pool. Depth up to 12’.

How long do I have to wait for my concrete to set for my in-ground pool?

New concrete pools should cure for approximately 28 days. We will come back and install your liner, pump etc, after checking on its curing process, at which time you should then be able to use your new pool!

Do you install hot tubs?

Though we do not install and maintain hot tubs, we do offer concrete pad installations.


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