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top-quality landscaping

Expert Custom Design & Installation

Bring your entire backyard together with custom landscaping! Installing a pool, deck or fencing can change the look of your yard, and they commonly involve digging up grass. We offer top-quality landscaping services to make the area around your pool look great.

What we offer:

  • Hardscaping- armour stone steps, pool surrounds, retaining walls
  • Garden bed creation
  • Sod installation
landscaping in progress
What To Expect

Our Landscaping Process

  1. Include landscaping in your quote.
    While we’re meeting with you to discuss your pool, deck and fencing needs, mention additional landscaping, and we will give you our professional advice.
  2. Schedule an installation appointment.
    Once you approve of the installation plans, we will order what is needed and set a time to install your new landscaping. 
  3. Inventory and Assessment
    We will show up for your appointment promptly, since we like to be on time, and customers expect it! When we arrive we will perform a quick inventory of the landscaping supplies and complete our other projects.
  4. Installation
    We install any hardscaping. This may include excavation, levelling, and bringing in stone. Then we install your softscaping.
  5. Clean up and approval
    We clean up our tools, make the area safe and then ensure the owner is satisfied with their new backyard.

What’s needed from you
For those looking to have us revamp their current landscaping, there are a few things that are required in order for our crew to complete the job.

Prior to our arrival:

  1. All landscaping materials should be delivered and on-site at the time of your appointment. We will let you know what we will be bringing. 
  2. We may need access to water.
    If we need water for our landscaping, we will let you know in advance. Please ensure that a tap/hose is easily accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with maintenance and repair of my existing landscaping?

We focus on creating custom landscaping for backyards. We do not offer ongoing lawn care services or weeding.

What’s the timeline for a landscaping project?

After we have installed your pool we can start working on the landscape surrounding it. We know that you want to enjoy your backyard as soon as possible, so we will prioritise your space. Hardscaping wait times are longer, as we are required to source and fit the armour stone.


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